Ysetex Live Stream for The 127 Canton Fair Online on Jun.15th~Jun.24th

Ysetex Live Stream for The 127 Canton Fair Online on Jun.15th~Jun.24th

We have attened°°127th Canton Fair online held on Jun. 15th~Jun 24th ,during when Live Stream was held accordingly.

The first live streaming Xinxiang Weis company was held on Jun 15th as scheduled, and the manager Vicky Qiu exhibite all kinds of protective fabics to us, dyed fabric to flame retardant fabrics and inherent fr fabrics, cotton fabrics to CVC cotton/nylon fabrics and cotton/nylon fabrics, fr fabrics to anti-static fabrics and anti-acid&alkali fabrics, she gave us a detaild presentation. You are welcomed to watch our wonderful playback by clicking the link:


In addition, a second live show will be held at 3:30pm on Jun.15th, hope you dont miss the wonderful live. And welcome to watch it by the uper same link!

Any questions or enquiry for protective fabrics, pls contact us by:

Tel:+86-373 5858887

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