hot sale fabric of 100% cotton flame retardant camouflage printed satin

hot sale fabric of 100% cotton flame retardant camouflage printed satin

We have fabrics of 100% cotton fr camouflage printed satin on hot sale,The pure cotton camouflage printed satin fabric is widely used for workwears in the industries of fire fighting,training,military etc.below is the fabric details:

Product information:

Composition:100% cotton

Color: camouflage printed



Function:flame retardant,anti static


Technical Parameter:

Flammability: no molten s, after flame time Q2s, after glow timeQ2s

Char lenght: less than 100cm

Formaldyhyde: less than 300ppm or 75 ppm

Dimensional stability to washing: Q3%(after 5 times wash in 60)

Color fastness to washing:4-5grade

Color fastness to perspiration:4-5grade

Color fastness to sunlight colorfastness:4-5grade

Color fastness to dry-cleaning:4-5grade


1. perfect flame retardant property, which can be washed more than 50 times

2. self extinguish, no molten metals or s, after flame time and after glow time both less than 2s

3. use high quality pure cotton to make sure its soft, comfortable and breathable

4. Excelllent washing shrinkage during industrial wash

5. Good wash and sun light colorfastnesses

Lets Look at the made-up products,yes,they looks very amazing and stylish.

If you have any requirements of the camouflage fabrics or workwears made of this fabric,pls dont hesitate to contact us.


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