Advantages Of Pure Cotton Fabrics

Advantages Of Pure Cotton Fabrics

With the gradual improvement of peoples living standard, people have higher and higher requirements for material life. For example, the clothing requires the high-grade pure cotton cloth as the fabric. So what are the advantages of pure cotton cloth compared with other textile fibers?

Sexual health

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, which is mainly composed of cellulose and has a small amount of waxy substance, nitrogen content and pectin.Through various inspection and practice, the pure cotton fabric has no stimulation and negative effect on the skin, long wearing is beneficial to human body and harmless, and has good sanitary performance.

Heat resistance

The heat resistance of pure cotton fabric is good. Under 110¡æ, it will only cause the moisture evaporation of the fabric and will not damage the fiber. Therefore, at room temperature, wearing, using, washing, printing and dyeing have no influence on the fabric, thus improving the wash and wear resistance and heat resistance of pure cotton fabric.


Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it contact with the human skin, making people feel soft but not rigid.If the cotton cloth humidity increases, the surrounding temperature is higher, the water in the fiber will all evaporate away, so that the fabric maintains a water balance, making people feel comfortable.

Heat preservation and antistatic properties

Because of the cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, heat conduction coefficient is extremely low, and because of the cotton fiber porous, the advantages of good elasticity, can accumulate a large number of air between the fibers, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton fiber textiles have good warmth retention property and antistatic ability, use pure cotton fabrics make people feel warm and comfortable.

Alkali resistance

The resistance of cotton fiber to alkali is strong, in alkali solution, cotton fiber does not destroy the phenomenon, this performance is conducive to the use of pollution washing, disinfection and removal of impurities, but also conducive to the dyeing, printing and various processes of cotton textiles, in order to produce more cotton new varieties.

The main types of cotton functional fabrics produced by Xinxiang Weis Textiles & Garments Co., Ltd are pure cotton flame retardant fabric, pure cotton fluorescent fabric, pure cotton anti-static fabric, pure cotton anti-ULTRAVIOLET fabric, pure cotton anti-acid and alkali fabric, pure cotton anti-bacteria and anti-mosquito fabric and various types of cotton composite functional fabric.

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