Requirements for Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Requirements for Flame Retardant Protective Clothing

Flame-retardant protective clothing is a protective clothing that prevents itself igniting, flame burning, and smoldering after contact with flames and hot objects.Product quality shall comply with gb8965.1-2009 "Protective Clothing _ Flame retardant protection _ part 1: Flame retardant clothing" standard provisions.

Flame-retardant protective clothing shall meet the following requirements:

1. Comfortable, light and convenient for human activities.

2, Top pocket should be covered, in order to prevent splashing molten metal or other dirt the bag.

3, Can be in the appropriate place of the jacket with ventilation pores, to facilitate air circulation, sweat, regulation of body temperature.However, the pores shall not affect the structural strength of the garment or allow foreign bodies to invade the interior of the garment.
4. At the temperature of 60¡æ, use general synthetic washing powder for 15 minutes each time, after washing for 50 times, its flame retardant property should meet the requirements.In the test, if the fabric is found to melt and shrink, it is unqualified.

5. The bonding or suture strength of the joint part of the flame-retardant protective clothing should be greater than 29.4n.

The flame retardant protective clothing produced and designed by Xinxiang Weistex include flame retardant coveralls, flame retardan suits, fire retardant overalls, flame retardant jacket, fr shirt, fr jeans etc as per the types. According to fabric composition, it can be divided the cotton flame retardant protective clothing, CVC fr protective clothing, cotton nylon flame retardant protective clothing, cotton polyester fr clothing, aramid fr protective clothing and modacrylic cotton fr protective clothing etc.

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